Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Trip to the mailbox.......

Ok, first thing first. This tan RIDICULOUS! Thanks to the beach, racerback running shirts and my bike's not going anywhere soon. It's pretty hilarious - got alot of comments from fellow teachers the first day back to school. :)

Yesterday was a crappy day. Plain and simple. I did not have any motivation, energy, "get up and go" - nothing. I went home, threw all my stuff on the table and went out to check the mail. What did I find???????? My Fluid Flair "thankyou" package! YEAH! I was SOOOOO excited!

My new possessions include a t-shirt, water bottel, and the all important coosie. Can't wait to use that after the Rock n Roll 1/2 sunday! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the hurricane will not impact the run (i've run in rain, sleet, etc) and that the concert is still on afterwards. I will however accept cloudy and overcast. :)

Anyone else going to be at the Va Beach race this weekend? Love to meet up with people!