Monday, September 13, 2010


There it is official Marine Corp Marathon - you are crazy - transfer form. Yeah! Thanks to the woman that transferred it to me. She's injured - sucks - and I'm into pain apparently......great combo!

I've taken a few days off of running to get my foot pain under control. Stupid non-supportive work shoes! It's better everyday, but still alittle sore. I've been doing Cross Fit, core work, and biking. That should help. I really lacked the strength for the last 1/2 marathon.

My Sole Sister, Alyson, and I are creating a website and shirts to wear/sell during our race. Her brother has been battling Neuroblastoma for 5 years and her mom helped start Band of Parents for support. We are going to raise money for Neuroblastoma cancer research and hopefully sell a bunch of shirts for our fans
and supporters. How cool would it be to see people at the finish line wearing the same shirts as us? I'm pretty sure I will need a wagon/wheel chair to get to the car though.

My sister started to work on a logo for the shirt and website, so hopefully we'll have something up soon!