Monday, October 11, 2010

20 mile run done! Taper city for me!

Wahoo! 20 mile run done! We did 10 miles out and 10 miles back.....took us 3:49! Felt much better physically than 18 did - but of course that mental aspect was there.

We started at 6am. Pretty much pitch black dark out. We did not really think about that part. Alyson spooked a deer as she attempted to squat in the woods, many chipmunks scared us, and a few wild noises that we never determined what they were. At mile 9 we stopped at 7-11 and refilled our water and used the potty.

We saw tons of bike groups and running groups today. Even a few we knew! We did make one new friend - can't remember name. He is from Russia and training for his first Ironman (SO jealous!). He ran with us for a few miles and we talked and asked him questions about training. He was very nice. His first Ironman is in November in Cozumel.

Now we are in taper mode. Feels so nice that we have 12 miles next weekend and then 8 miles and then the race! I am more excited and ready for this Marine Corp Marathon than I thought. We also signed up for the Pacers VIP tent! It's right on the start/finish line and they are promising a champagne toast!