Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Death by jogging stroller

So I'm getting over the flu/cold/something. I am also in tapper mode - which makes it even worse. Mentally I'm freaking out about the marathon (am I ready?) and physically I haven't been feeling great. Yesterday I felt much better and decided to go for a run. For some reason I dusted off the double jogging stroller and loaded the boys in. They were SO excited to go running. The picked some books and we got settled.

I was going to do 3 miles, easy/breezy. Did you know that pushing two kids in a jogging stroller is HELL? My arms were burning, they kept yelling "faster mommy", and my arms were burning. I ended up doing 2.4 miles, which easily counts as 10 miles. I really think 20 miles was easier. Whew!

Sam joined us on his bike. He just started a new blog (www.fatguyinalittlesuit.blogspot.com), which is hilarious. Makes me feel horribly lame and not funny at all. He rode hard, doubled back, rode next to us slowly, then went out for another sprint. It was a nice family affair. We stopped at his parents house for dinner and then jogged everyone home.

This morning was not as enjoyable. For some reason my alarm was not set, didn't go off, and my 6am wake up call was a 6:50 "mommy? i'm awake". OH NO! I had to throw on some clothes, throw the boys lunch together, throw my lunch together, and then figure out some breakfast for me - on the go of course. I came up with pumpkin puree, banana, greek yogurt, pumpkin pie spice, and skim milk. Yum-o! I loved it! I cannot get enough of this pumpkin stuff lately. There's a blog I LOVE that I'm getting recipes and ideas from. www.katheats.com It's amazing. Her oatmeal tribute makes me drool.

I'm still feeling better today, which is great. Less than 2 weeks until the Marathon. I got a flu shot today, I'm going to the grocery store for a few things, need to do a 20 minute (what! that's it?!) run and then some strength training. Feeling good!