Friday, October 8, 2010

Ladies Night! and I won new shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I still can't believe it! I went to Ladies Night at Potomac River Runners last night from 7-9. They promised Whole Foods Catering, wine, beer, water, sales, giveaways, goody bags.....why wouldn't I go? It was GREAT!

The goody bag is a reusable Brooks tote and the shirt is a Potomac River Runner dry fit shirt. I walked around bought some GU Rocktane, a TRI magnet, and a fuel belt bag. I drank some wine, walked around some more.....then it was time for the raffle.

You had to be there to win so alot of people were out just because they had left. SCORE for me! They gave away some shirts, some bags, some mineral bath soak (supposed to be like an ice bath - i'm totally intrigued)......and shoes. I. won.!

Brand new Brooks Ghost 3 lime green shoes! I have not worn brooks before, they are pretty comfy. I still feel like I stole them :)

Here's all my loot: