Friday, October 15, 2010

The cough that wouldn't die....and screwed up my runs!

I have not run since Sunday! I did 20 miles Sunday and crossfit and core work on Monday. Then the cough that wont die hit me. I had the cough a little bit before my 20 miler, but nothing too bad. Now it's awful! I feel fine, until a coughing fit comes.....then I cough so hard that my tummy hurts and my head hurts! UGH!

Marine Corp Marathon is just over 2 weeks away. The 1st week of tapering and I take it to the extreme of "no miles". I'm not totally freaking out, but I am not feeling this cough anymore. Any tips on how to tame a cough?

I'm going to try and do a nice easy outdoor jog today, see how it goes. Hopefully I'm building some serious abs with this cough. :) I know I can do this marathon since I did 20 (I'll crawl 6.2 if I have to).....but I don't want to be sick. Everything I've read and heard about tapering says it messes with you - you feel sick, injured, unprepared........crap!

Sorry for the vent........

HAPPY FRIDAY! on a positive note I get a mommy happy hour tonight.