Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Giant Acorn Sprint Tri - Race Results

Ok - the post before this one is the pictures. Why can't I figure out how to get pictures and text lately?! Grrrr....

I'm Tri-Obsessed! This was WAY TOO MUCH FUN! I kicked my husbands butt too! Yeah! Here's my #'s:

750 m swim: 22:57
T1:3:17 (huge area to cover)

Bike 12.2 miles: 47:05 (fastest I've ever gone...but got a penatly :( )
T2: 2:23

5K: 28:18
Total: 1:44 and some change I think

I know I'm in great shape thanks to marathon training - but I felt like I could have done the Olympic distance Sunday! The water was warm (yeah!) and I had my mom and my two sons there cheering. It was great to do a race with Sam (hubby). He was not as in shape as he wanted to be, but he'll get there.

I can't wait to do it again! I'm still in a little shock that I did it.........WOW!!!!! Can't wait to see the professional pics. Thanks for all the good thoughts for the race!