Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Did you know.......

1. I'm adopted. I've known forever. I mean I had white/blonde hair and green eyes and my siblings were dark with brown eyes. I had dreams of going on Oprah to find my birth parents, or maybe they were celebrities? I met my biological mom the day before my wedding. It was great. She's a cool chick.

2. I'm hard of hearing. I have a congenital (since birth) profound loss in my right ear. I've tried hearing aids, they don't work. I smile and nod when I don't understand (I know, that's terrible). I do all the things that I tell the deaf kids I work with not to do. Oops :)

3. I have lived in Georgie, Japan, Utah, Texas, and Virginia.

4. My maiden name is Harmon. Married name is Hardman. I know. Weird.

5. I used to dream of becoming an adult and eating frosting for dinner. Oh, and raw cookie dough. Yep. Issues.

6. I'm obsessed with magazines. My kids check the mail and  when it's magazine day they get excited for me.

7. I've run 1 marathon, 6 1/2 marathons, 4 10-milers, 3 sprint triathlons, and 1 olympic triathlon.

8. I have a terrible potty mouth. I am also super immature.

9. I've been a speech therapist for 9 years. I went to Gallaudet University and specialize working with deaf and hard of hearing students. 

10. We own a deli slicer. For meat. Yep, sits right on the counter. It's huge.

11. My in-laws live .3 miles down the road. I love it. They have a pool :)

12. When I was 6  months pregnant I came home from work and Sam had knocked out all the walls on the main level.

13. I played lacrosse for four years at Longwood University in Farmville, VA (yep, real place)

14. I have chosen the nickname "Baconator" at CFA

15. I am a tom boy and a girlie girl

16. I love to rearrange furniture

17. I'm super competitive 

18. I am obsessed with bubble pop on my phone.
19. Don't yuck my yum. If you see me eating it, it's because I like it. Shut your mouth.

Thanks for reading all these facts about me! Any you want to share?

Meat slicer. Good times.