Wednesday, February 20, 2013

T- Minus 14 days!

14 Days and I will complete my first Paleo Challenge! Yeah!!!! I have learned SO much about myself during this challenge. AAANNNDDD the day the challenge ends is the first day of the Crossfit Open Games!

First - I actually have will power. Who knew? My body has a love/hate relationship with sugar. It's not good - I will not be indulging in that anymore. I finally believe abs are made in the kitchen - promise not to roll my eyes anymore when people say that.

I plan on doing a relaxed/modified Paleo lifestyle when this is over. I will have a treat now and then - I'm a mom....there are times I NEED alcohol! I don't miss dairy, grains, or sugar (still can't believe that!). I am also increasing my workouts. Three days at the box right now, adding in more home WODs and running.

I'm working on what my first non-challenge meal will be. It's a tough choice. I don't want to pick something that's going to make me feel sick/icky.....but I'm not really craving anything specific. Sam is having dreams about deep dish pizza! He hates that style, so I'm sure that means something to all you dream people out there. I'm thinking right now that I will go with Bon Chon chicken and a beer (or two) or this Paleo mojito I found. Yum-o!

I love that chicken - but it is NOT good for you. :)

I also get to pick an outfit (per my reward contract that I made myself)! Yeah shopping! Lots of clothes are fitting for the first time and lots of clothes are too big. Annoying problem to have, but I'll take it!