Sunday, February 17, 2013

Get in my mouth!

Smash Burger. Lettuce wrapped plus egg, bacon, shrooms, and avocado
Steamed cabbage plus home made pork loin, cilantro, jalapeno sausages
Steaks. Nuff said
Typical breakfast at work. Coffee plus coconut milk, two eggs, collards, bacon, shrooms

I've had some peeps ask what I eat during the day. I make my breakfast at work every morning. I have a toaster oven that I cook my eggs in and I pair it with greens and sometimes shrooms. Lunch is often left overs from the night before - but Smash Burger was Friday for Sam's birthday. It was SOOOOOO good. mmmmmmmmmm. Dinners are 99% Sam's creation. The sausage he made from scratch from a pork loin and was made last minute as a "I could do that....." - God bless the food network. I do snack on baby carrots, a few almonds, raw veggies, and drink TONS of water. All day long. Water water water.

Three nights a week we go to The Box (Crossfit Annandale) and do our workout. The hour is a warm up, a skill set, and then the WOD.  We alternate nights so that we don't have to get babysitters 3 times a week (genius, I know).

We are quickly approaching day 45 in our 60 day challenge. I'm really excited to see all my measurements and body fat changes. I've gone down 11 pounds and one pant size. I'm also fitting into clothes much better than I did before. My energy is up, I'm happy, and things are just rockin. What more can I ask for????