Thursday, February 21, 2013

Haters gonna hate

I started this blog to share my journey of getting healthy and to also share with friends and family what Team Hardman is up to. I really don't have any desire to push my likes and dislikes on anyone or anything like that. I hope to have mostly happy posts with some funny pics and fun happenings.

I have struggled with my weight since I was 21. Interesting - they let me into bars and I blow up. Hahahahha. I played sports my whole life and was always very active. At 22 I stopped playing Lacrosse (played in college) and started graduate school. What a HUGE lifestyle change that was. All I did was sit in class, study, and eat/drink. Super stressful times. I went to Gallaudet in D.C., so I lived in Fairfax and drove in everyday. Nightmare. Traffic is awful. By the time I got home at night all I wanted was a glass of wine and food. So that's what I did. I stress ate and partied. Bad combo.

I've done a lot to try and get healthy, loose weight, and most of all feel good about myself. I struggle big time with self confidence - happens to most of us at times I think. The most effective and fun thing I have found so far is Crossfit and eating a very clean diet. I call it Paleo, it's not 100% strict (well, on the challenge it is), I allow for some wiggle room. For MY body type I need more than cardio. I enjoy running, swimming, and biking. I really enjoy my triathlon friends - their energy is amazing. I need a combination of cardio and heavy lifting to see any change in my body. I just do. I cannot do the lifting thing on my own. I will curl a 10 pound weight all day.....pretty sure that's not doing anything. Crossfit has pushed me in two months harder and farther than I knew I could go. I love it. I'm also competitive - the perfect place for me. I'm trying to find a balance of all the things I love - but right now my priority is getting healthy. Makes sense, right?

Why am I talking about haters? I read a facebook post today by someone who claims to be a nutritionist. Her post read "Of course its a fad...its a DIET. Enjoy it while it lasts, then I guarantee you'll be onto the next best thing". This is really bothering me. She was talking about Paleo. Her post just read to me as mean. I know I know, you can have your opinion. That's fine. But there is a way to have your opinion by not putting others down. I don't care if people eat Paleo. I don't care if you eat a stick of butter for lunch. I don't know if you've ever tried to change for the better, it's hard. Like, really hard. I have felt very nervous about everything I've tried. Will people like it? Will people support me? Will people judge me? Will I fail??????? Keep the negativity to yourself. 

I wanted to thank all of you for being so supportive. I feel the love!!!!!!!!