Monday, February 11, 2013

Winner Winner, ditch the kids and drink Wine!

This past week was a rough one at work. I was super stressed and just feeling down. I went to CFA on Friday night and was glad I did. The WOD was tough, but that's just what I needed. I ended up finishing first in the class! That may never happen again - so I called as many people as I could to tell them. I also found out that Team Hardman won a squat picture contest. It was put on by The Sox Box and Primal Home. My kids now think they are famous!

The winning pic!

Saturday was a busy busy day for Team Hardman. Sammy had his first birthday party + slumber party. I was nervous that he would have an accident and wake up wet - then get teased. We talked a lot about it and came up with "drink nothing!" We picked him up Sunday and he was super happy - said he woke up dry and didn't even sweat! This is HUGE. As I unpacked his over night bag I found he didn't even wear his pullup! He said he wanted to be brave - I don't think he realizes how brave/crazy that actually was. Whew!

Mason spent the night with Grandma, saw a movie, got frozen yogurt....all the fun stuff. He also had a great time and got some good alone time with grandma.

What did we do without kids? Well well well - WINE TASTING! We got a group of friends to celebrate three bdays (Sam, Jay, Kaitlin), hoped in a limo, and hit Leesburg up for some wine. Now, this was a cheat day for us (only the 2nd cheat day so far) and our first time drinking in close to 40 days. I was nervous. I got pep talks from Paleo friends and packed good snacks. I did not want to get sloppy or pass out in the limo. We had a great time with friends and laughed a lot. What more could you ask for?

We spent Sunday detoxing from the poison (aka wine). Not sure I will drink like that again for a LONG time. Whew. I spent most of the day on the couch drinking water and eating super clean.

The WOD for today is a Fran Ladder. I'm nervous and excited - which is pretty much every Crossfit day.

The Birthday Peeps
Jammin out in the limo
Hanging out
Limo fun!