Monday, August 9, 2010

27 days till I Rock N Roll!

I still haven't decided if 27 days until the Rock N Roll 1/2 Marathon is exciting or terrifying.......

My mileage is getting closer to being back on track. I've been off - kinda since the start :) - but really the last 2 weeks with my hip injury. Then, I wiped out on my bike and badly bruised my right shin, so that hurts too.

Friday: Ran 6 miles on the dreadmill at a 10:20 pace. Felt great. Stopped to stretch out my hip one time, but really left feeling like I had a great run. That night I fell off my bike - stupid clip in pedals!

Saturday: Took the day off to make sure 6 miles didn't kill my hip and also recover from the ever embarrassing bike fall.

Sunday: Went to the dreadmill again determined to do 7-8 miles, no big deal.....Well, mentally I was all for it. Physically I was just tired and sore. My physical beat up my mental and I struggled to get in just 4.5 miles! Ugh! I hate days like that. I know they happen. I know I need them to remind myself how hard I've worked, how far I've come....blah, blah, blah. I left the gym feeling slightly embarrased of my 4.5, like anyone else knew or cared!

So my weekly total was only 16.9 miles and I needed to be at 25. The Rock n Roll 1/2 marathon is 27 days away!!!!!!!!!! I'm slightly panicked. I want to get 2:00:00, my PR is 2:11:15. I know 27 days can be a long time, but my hip is making me nervous too. It feels great, much better every day, but still not 100%.

Here's what my plan is for this week:
mon: off/cross train - i'm coming for you clip in pedals!
tues: 3 miles (10:24 pace)
wed: interval training with Reston Runners at South Lakes Track
thur: 6 miles (4 at a 8:54 pace)
fri: 3 miles (10:24 pace)
sat: cross train
sun: 11 miles (10:24 pace)

I know that I may need to take the long run down a few miles, but everything is totally do-able. Here's to getting my physical and mental back on track!