Friday, August 6, 2010

Falling Flat on my Face - Friday

The day started out great. It's Friday! Yeah! One meeting at work, not too stressful. Lunch with Sam, almost talked him into getting me the Garmin forerunner 110, but I will have to wait until I save up some more money. Then I picked up the boys from daycare. We got home and Mason went right down for a nap. What a great day! Sam got home and I was able to go to the gym. I went with the mindset of "I'll run whatever my hip will let me". I haven't run on the dreadmill in a long time, but I know that it will be easier on my hip than pounding the pavement. There was a good movie on - Obsessed - gotta love the chickflick with action, so I figured I could go for a while. I really wanted to do 8 miles, but I took 10 days off from the hip and need to play it safe. I stopped at 6 miles, feeling really good. Stretched, went to the grocery store, was feeling great!

My husband got his new bike today. He's been waiting for it for 2 weeks, so he was pretty excited! It's all he has talked about lately.

He got it all ready to go and took a ton of pics! That's Sammy posing in front of the new ride. After a dinner of chicken and mashed potatoes and both kids ate (still a great night) Sam put the clipless pedals on my bike too. Now, this is my 1st experience with clipless pedals. I got new bike shoes for my birthday (thanks dad!) and this is my 1st time to try them. Wow. It's. Hard. I finally figured out how to "clip in" and took a spin around the cul-de-sac. Not too bad. Really hard to get out of them though. I did a few practice clip in-clip out. Slight panic that I can't clip out too well. I tried to go for a spin again. This time everything happend in slow motion. I clipped in my left shoe. Tried to clip in the right shoe. Then it happened. All forward motion stopped. And I went down. Hard.

I banged up my knee. Nothing too bad, but it's that awful scrap that hurts when the air hits it. I landed on my left hand pretty hard too.

My leg got pinned and I think I will get a pretty good bruise from it. I will actually be mad if I don't. For how badly that hurt, I better get a good battle wound. I laid like an idiot in the road (thank god no cars came by) and just tried not to cry. But, I did cry. Not hard, but man! That hurt SO bad!

I really hope that I can figure these pedals out. I will say, my hand and leg hurt so much that I don't feel the pain in my hip at all (insert silver lining). Anyone else use bike shoes and clipless pedals? Did it take long to figure it all out?