Sunday, August 15, 2010

long run sunday

Sunday morning - 6:30 am run with Megan (fellow sole sister). Plan was to run 10 miles and beat the rain. Notice the darkness outside and also how shiny my Road ID is! I had no idea the reflective power was so bright! Good to know. So we set out after stretching and beat the rain. It started raining as we set foot on my driveway.....after running 10.1 miles! Whew!

We talked the entire run. Not once did we come up for air. We talked about the past, our families, husbands, kids (she has a new crawler) and our vacation we are taking together next week. Can not WAIT for the beach! We did not break any land speed records - pace was slower than what I was supposed to do (sorry plan), but we felt great and WE DID IT! This was Megan's first 10 mile run and she was nervous.....but she rocked it!

So, 3 weeks from today is the 1/2 marathon and I feel much more ready now that we've done the 10 miles (technically 10.1 :) ) I am still battling some blisters. They didn't bother me on the run, but I feel them now. My hip did not bother me once!!!!!! Yeah! I came home from the run and my husband was making eggs and oven roasted potatoes (yum!) and the boys were watching cartoons. I love the feeling of being so accomplished by 9am. I am tired now, but that's ok. I will take being tired for also being able to check off my long run.

I wanted to take an ice bath - but I'm too scared to try it. I will do it after the next long one....I made that promise to my quads today.


Slightly sweaty after the run. My shirt was totally drenched! I drank all my Performance and ate my Espresso Love GU. It started to POUR rain right when I got the kids and I went out and danced in the rain for a bit. Gotta love feeling so good!