Thursday, August 12, 2010

I do not run, I am a Runner

Day 4 of my week of "follow the 1/2 marathon plan" exactly! I left the gym feeling like a total rock star! On the plan for today?

6 miles with 4 miles at a 8:58 pace

I did it! I really went in not sure if I could pull it off. I did my workout on the treadmill so I knew I was getting the pace right. I felt great! Like I could fly. That is my favorite part about running. Feeling strong, (sometimes). I did have to chant a little to myself: I do not run, I am a runner! It really helps me. I even have it written on a piece of paper in my wallet. Nerdy, I know....but it really helps me.
Now, the woman on the treadmill next to me was slightly irritating. I think she fueled some of my fire. She got on the treadmill, fixed her hair, sent a few text messages, and then set her Iced Starbucks Coffee/Tea in the treadmill cup holder. I had to hold back the chuckle. She walked next to me - i know, i know...better than nothing - and fueled my run. I loved to punch in 6.7 and look at her 3.2 walk. Slightly evil, but I needed to get this workout done!

Now I'm home and ready for lunch. I did get some blisters on both feet today. That never happens. Boo! Not sure why that happened or what I'm going to do about it. Anyone a blister pro? I did pop them - I know, you aren't supposed to. I just couldn't help it.

Hope everyone is getting their plan done today!!!!