Thursday, April 2, 2015

Getting Shit Done 4/2/15

The Day
Today was a great day. I got my Easter Bunny shopping done and got stuff for Mason's birthday (on Tuesday). We went out to lunch with a friend and just had a great day. Didn't get into the box today, but had Sam come up with some stuff for me to do. I did Diane (scaled) and rowed. I played around with the go pro a bunch too. Gotta figure out all the cool stuff it can do.

Just too cute!

The Food
Breakfast: Smoked Salmon. Yum
Lunch: Sloppy Joe (no bun), Iced Tea, Fries, Salted Caramel Pop Tart. (yup)

mine didn't have that caramel on top. feel a little robbed
Dinner: Shrimp and broccoli

1. Diane: 21-15-9
Deadlift (155#)
Hand Stand Push Ups 
I can't do HSPU's. Not even a little bit.  I can't engage anything to get back up. The worst.

I love a handstand. Can do those all day long. All Day. 

The workout:

2. 10:00 Row intervals :30 sprint/ :30 easy
Rowed 2175 meters. This sucked. It was hard. I stayed in the 1:50's for the sprint.

3. 4x28 abmat sit ups
You saw the video. Gotta get that core in check and work off that gut. Bleh

Such a great day. Get out there. Lift something. Have fun.