Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Hump Day!! 4/8/25

My Day
Lots of meetings today, which means sitting on my butt. I hate that, but nothing I can do about it at work. I'll get my wiggles out later in the day. It's a chilly day, where are you sun?!?, so I did get a sugar free latte. Delivered. My hubby is the best. I did order some treats from a new site I heard about. Crave Clean Protein Bakery - I got the 6 chocolate craver box. This shop is based out of Miami and they list the nutritional information for all their treats. I'll let you know how delicious they are ASAP. Hopefully those sweet thoughts get me through my running for today.

My Food
Breakfast: Sweet Potatoes, Eggs, Mint Tea
Snack: nuts, sugar free latte, Ostrim stick
Lunch: spaghetti squash and meatballs - thank God for leftovers
Dinner - Chef has not let me know yet :)  Some meat and veggie for sure!

10:00 AMRAP: 30 Double Unders 15 Power Snatches, 55 lbs * my game plan was calm, relaxed, no stress. I am very happy with how this turned out. I think this is my 5th time doing this workout

Sets Bench Press, 8 reps | 45 lbs Bench Press, 5 reps | 65 lbs Bench Press, 3 reps | 83 lbs Bench Press, 3 reps | 100 lbs Bench Press, 3 reps | 100 lbs Bench Press, 3 reps | 100 lbs Bench Press, 3 reps | 100 lbs Bench Press, 3 reps | 100 lbs * no shoulder pain, getting stronger! 75# was my 1RM for a long time!

Intervals : rest 2:30 Run Sprint, 400 m | 1:43 Run Sprint, 400 m | 1:45 Run Sprint, 400 m | 1:48 Run Sprint, 400 m | 1:47 *did this in front of my house. alone. they sucked. You know what? I did them. I worked hard. I am proud.