Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Training Partners - like peanut butter and jelly

I do a good amount of work outside of Crossfit Annandale. I have a home gym (thanks Sam!) and I have no problem working on skills, strength, and running through WODs on my own. This allows me more time with my kids and save on babysitting fees. Sam hates working out by himself. He is a social butterfly and likes to be around people. Always.

I do understand and feel the benefits from having a training partner. I typically go into CFA 3-4 times a week to be with people, get inspired, and get pushed to go faster and lift heavier. I don't know where I'd be without my training partners. My training partners know who they are and we lift together, we push each other, we cheer each other on, we strategize with each other, and we do competitions with each other. Then there are the people that have no clue they are my partners. The person that comes in regularly, makes progress, laughs and enjoys the hour - they are my partner too. We cheer for each other and have a great time! Oh, and every guy in the gym. I am always chasing you boys!

A training partner also can mean FUN. Laughing, smiles, high fives, and hugs are all part of the PR magic. Trust me. So here is a BIG shout out to all those who have cheered, sweat, and pushed me along the way. Thank you. Love you all!

awesome running buddies

tutu running partner

our first triathlon

only fitting we do a wine country 1/2 marathon together

my biggest fan

the best tiny training partners

Those gym partners. Always there for a push!

So much great support for my first RX competition

All the feels on being 3rd for workout #1

Coaches, training partners.....awesome

My partner in crime

The dudes that get to answer ALL my questions and talk me off a ledge

Syn @Afrobrutality for all the support!

Training partners that love to dress alike

Team Work