Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Exciting news and some pics!

Recovery week is going well after the Nation's 1/2. I rode on the bike trainer last night and did 3 miles this morning. Feeling pretty good. That's not my exciting news though........... drum roll please.......................

I RODE OUTSIDE CLIPPED IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In the Fall I clipped in for the first time and fell. Hard. It sucked. The 10 year old next door ran over "Ms. Ann! Are you ok?!" Nope. I was not. I bruised my leg badly, scrapped up my hands, and my ego? Shot. Mortified. I laid there crying, clipped in, and yelling for Sam. He informed me "Everyone falls." Oh? I asked when he fell. He told me "I haven't."

I instantly returned my shoes. I vowed to ride with running shoes and convinced myself that my transition times will be faster because I'm not changing. Well, I felt like a giant dork not having bike shoes. So, I bought another pair. I practiced all winter at the Fexy Saturday morning rides. I clipped out no less than 1 million times. I was ready. As soon as the wind died down and the sun came out, I was going to be awesome at this.

Nope. First nice day last week and I sat at the top of my driveway with one foot clipped into my bike. Sam was next to me "Just do it. Just pick your foot up and go." Not helpful. And it was hard to hear him with the actual sobbing I was doing. No lie. I was at the top of the driveway sobbing. Like a baby. Terrified to "just go". I went inside. Totally defeated.

So, I asked some questions, got some advice, and knew I had to try again. I mean, my first TRI of the season is Mid-April. I don't have much time. We took the boys to the park yesterday and I was determined to do this. I got on my bike with running shoes and rode around in the grass. Not scary at all. I got on my bike shoes and clipped one in and rode around. Then I clipped the other in and rode like crazy. I DID IT! Yeah! I actually screamed "Sam! Look at me! Look at me!". Nerdy, I know. But I was SO happy to get that initial clipp in clipp out over. I practiced stopping, clipping in and out and then we sat and watched the boys play. Ah, relief!

Now for two half  marathon pics.

really thought i might puke. i think this pic captures that well

clearly missed my calling as an arm sleeve model