Monday, March 21, 2011

Reston 10 Miler race report and my Gatorade winner!!!!!

My first race of the season is done! I'm so glad to have gotten the race jitters out before the 1/2 marathon (on sat!!!!!!!). The Reston 10 miler was great, kind of chilly at the start, but there were something like 12 Fexy members there! This was my first official race as a Fexy - I wore all my gear and we all met up for a pic before the race. It felt GREAT to be there as part of a team, especially a team that rocked the race! Our ladies took 2nd and 4th overall. Pretty impressive! Most of us were using this as a training run to get us to our full and 1/2 marys next weekend. It was a hilly course, but a good one. I PR'd too! Our training plan had us doing the first 3 miles at E pace, then turn it up, then back off for the last two miles. It flew by! I had one cup of water from the volunteers and no Gel. I was happy I didn't need it, but will probably have one for the 1/2. At mile 9 1/2 I looked down and realized if I turned it on I could possibly hit a PR. So my friend/pacing partner told me to go for it and I made it! It felt so good to do 10 miles on a hilly course, with my team, PR, and not feel like passing out. Yeah Spring!

Team Fexy at the Reston 10 Miler

Slightly blurry cause I'm SOOOOOO fast! Thanks for the pic Ryan

At the finish with my great Pacer Katie!

We hung around after the race to hear the awards and get cookies and juice (love race support). It got super chilly so I left to get home. Sam had a plan to run 6 1/2 miles around Burke Lake with a friend. I got home, we switched jobs, and I got to sit outside and play with the boys for a few hours. Sam ran the 6 1/2 without any walking!!! This is the farthest he's run and I could not be more proud. My little runner. He got home and I went to do my swim. It felt pretty good to get in the water and stretch. I did NOT appreciate the old man spitting lugies into the pool. Ga-ross.

Good weekend overall! Today is my day off. Waaa-Hoooo! And it's taper week. That sometimes messes with me. I'm hoping my confidence boost from the 10 miler stays with me. I might also have to stalk Katie and use her as a pacer. We are having a big family/friend pasta dinner Friday night and then we are staying in a hotel. Race time is 7am, any extra sleep we can get will be awesome.

And, the Gatorade winner is.......

Tri Like Mary!!!!! Congrats! Thanks for following my journey.

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