Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Gatorade G Series Product review and GIVEAWAY!!!

Sam wants to make sure everyone knows that he is a guest blogger today. His info is in italics (happy Sam?)

Gatorade was nice enough to send me a HUGE packet of stuff to try out. Just so happens that they sent me two of everything! What better thing to do with it than try it and share it. So here's to my first giveaway! First, the review:

My goodie box!

Saturday morning is our Team Fexy group ride. This week it was 3 hours of awesomeness (ugh). I figured that would be a great morning to try out the new Gatorade products I got.

Here's what Sam ate

I had the 01 Prime Pregame Nutrition Bar (Chocolate Chip) before our ride.  The 02 electrolyte drink during the ride and the 03 recovery drink.

So when Ann asked me to try these things with her and write a review on them, I have to say, I was not too excited.  It's not that I don't like trying new things, I do.  And it's really not that I don't want to help my wife out, I'm much smarter than that.  It is however that I don't like trying new nutrition on the morning of 3 hour trainer rides.  I mean, what if something doesn't "agree" with me if you know what I'm sayin, and I think ya do! (i also really like my pre Saturday ride PB&J...i mean, Jif extra crunchy and Smuckers Strawberry  jam...get out of my face with that...it's amazing!!)

I ate the pregame bar on the was to our ride (it's a 40 minute drive).  It was pretty sticking good.  Well, first, let me share with you a rule I live by.  Feel free to live by it too, it will make life a little easier.  Here it is: You will never have a nutrition bar that tastes exactly like a Snickers, or a protein shake that really tastes like a real, hand spun milk shake.  If that existed, we would all already know about them.  They would dominate the world of sports nutrition, and everything would be right in the world.   So just know that what you are eating is as close as the hard working folks at Gatorade can get it.  And they do a pretty good job.

I really did like the 01 bar, it was easy to eat.  Some of these pregame bars are hard to chew and sit heavy in my stomach.  Not this bar.  It was almost light.  It was 220 calories and left me feeling pretty satisfied.  The chocolate chips on top were awesome, real chocolate!!  I didn't feel hungry again for another 2 hours, 1.5 of which I had spent pedaling hard on my bike.

The 02 electrolyte drink was great!  I drank it 1.5 hours into my ride and it was just what I needed.  It wasn't think or overly sweet like some electrolyte drinks tend to be.  I had already drank a bottle of water before I got to it and had been sweating for a while.  It seemed to actually do what it said it would do, replaced lost electrolytes.  It gave me a nice second wind.

The 03 recovery drink was on the same level as the 01 and 02 are on.  It tasted really good.  It was the sweetness that I typically think of when I think of Gatorade.  But for a recovery drink, I sort of like that and almost look forward to it.

I will def be using all of these again...I hope you all give them a go.

Here's what I had

I had 01 before the ride, drank it about 30 minutes before hand. Tasted great - not at all syrupy like I remember Gatorade tasting. It's 330 calories, so it totally replaced making something for breakfast, which I love when I'm out the door for the ride at 7am. I didn't get hungry until about 45 min-1 hour into the ride. I noticed at that time that everyone was breaking out oranges, GU, Gels....so I wasn't alone there. I drank the 02 electrolyte drink during the ride. It tasted great! I had 2 water bottles and 1 bottle of the 02. Yum. I recovered with the 03. This tasted great, although it's 2 servings. I like when servings are for 1 because I have no willpower and sometimes forget that one bottle of something can have 4 servings in it. Sam and I split it, poured it into two water bottles, and drank it up. It was delish!

Before my 11 mile run on Sunday I tried the other 01 product:

The flavor was good. One serving - which I LOVE. It was a different consistency than gels that I'm used to. I was expecting more of a frosting texture, but it's pretty much like juice. That through me off, but it worked. I went on my 11 mile run and didn't even use a gel (which normally I do). Thumbs up!

What can you win? Here it is

Goodie Bag 
Inside: 01 (2 products), 02 (4 products), 03 (two products). The two tiny 02's are electrolytes for people that cramp up.

How do you win?

1. Follow this blog (mandatory) and let me know
2. Post about this blog on FB or on your Blog (one entry)
3. Tell me your favorite pre, during, or post fuel (one entry)
4. Tell me a horrible experience that you've had with pre or post fuel (it can be so tricky!) one entry

Happy Fueling!