Monday, March 7, 2011

It's the little things that keep me coming back

What a great weekend! Sam had a touch of something: flu, food poisoning...we may never know. I do know that he was on the couch and in bed ALOT. This was slightly annoying because I had a 2:45 bike trainer and 12 miles to run. But my in-laws came through with watching the boys and I got most of the trainer ride done.

Decided to list the highlights of the weekend - look out - cause there's alot!

1. Sam had the flu and I got my long workouts in!

2. I had a comfortable 2 hour bike trainer ride - no lady part soreness!

3. My toes did not go numb during the ride (first time ever)

4. I ran 12 miles at ez pace with a negative split!

5. I ran 12 miles in the rain with a smile on my face

6. No chub rub!!!!!

7. First long run in a long time where there were NO bathroom issues!

8. No blisters

9. I wore all my favorite running gear and totally didn't care that I looked like a rainbow threw up on me

10. I realized how ready I am for the first 1/2 mary of the season