Thursday, March 10, 2011

Product Review and then my first giveaway!!!!!!!!

trainer ride. sorry about the armpit picture
Here's me on the bike trainer yesterday. I had a 1:05 ride to do. I used to sweat seeing that time on the trainer. Sounded SOOOOOOOOO long. Saturday group rides are up to 3 hours now though, so I laugh at the 1 hour rides.

The view from my trainer

The boys sat so nicely so I could get my ride done. Nothing like a full hour of cartoons and chocolate milk. The ride felt good, toes did not go numb and lady parts are feeling good! I also got a special package yesterday:

Pro Series
Gatorade sent me a package of their Pro Series to sample. Lucky enough I got 2 of everything - I smell a giveaway coming up! I'm excited to try this out as I have not used this before. Anyone tried it and like it? I'll be researching this, trying it, and writing up what I think soon!