Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What a great day to run outside......

Workout today: 5 miles ez and 1:25 bike ride.

It was beautiful yesterday so we ran outside. Sam needed to run 4 miles (woot!) and I needed to do 5. We decided that the boys could play with the neighbors and we could run together. Yeah! A running partner! Well, sort of. I love running with the girls, chatting, and just getting out. Running with Sam was not much of a chat. It was great to run with someone (he did 2 miles out and I did 2.5 then turned around). I tried striking up the conversation "what's up?" "how was your day?" - got alot of one word answers. No questions back.

When I run with the girls it's lots of talk about boys, sex, body parts, kids, pretty much nothing is off limits. Sam was not feeling that. He turned around at 2 miles to head home and for some reason I just took off. I ended up running mile 4 at 8:56! What? Who ran that? I felt great. I was just going. Didn't even look at the Garmin.

Got back to the house and hung out with Sam and the neighbor - she offered a beer, I said "yes". Then it was time for dinner. Yum. Then bedtime....even better. Except that meant bike time. Oh no! My legs were tired from my amazing run.

Getting ready for the run. Wearing my new Bondi Band

Stupid sideways pic. Sam gearing up for the run.

The boys getting in some hill sprints
We got on the bike. I was a pretty big b-word to Sam. Oops. Cranky, tired, just wanted to lay on the couch. AND no Glee?! WTF?! We made it through the ride (1:25) and I high fived Sam for putting up with me.

Run done. Bike Done. Whew!