Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Baby, it's cold outside. Like -11 degrees!

The flight from Dulles to Minneapolis was a breeze. My brother and I talked, read magazines, and starred at the ladies nails across the aisle. They were at least 4 inches long! Eek!!

I ate lunch before the flight and hoped to find a clean snack for the trip at the airport. Nope. Nothing. The little market had magazines (my love), candy, soda, and more candy. 18days ago I would have bought gummy bears, fritos, and trail mix...just to add something healthy. Oh, what I know now.....
On the plane I got super excited when I read they serve La Croix, that stuff rocks. I ordered it and they were out. Boo. I got water and order a snack pack. The only thing in it I could eat was almonds, but I was starving!

We landed 20 minutes early to -7 degree weather and headed to ky aunts. There I was welcomed with cucumbers and hard boiled eggs. I inhaled them- more of a reverse sneeze. Gone. I side stepped cheese dip, fritos, crackers, egg rolls, and chocolate cake. I had veggies and a chicken breast. Felt pretty great.

I went to the store and got eggs, cucumber, guac, ham, and La Croix...did I mention I love them?
I just dis my WOD for the day with a good pre stretch and warm up. Feels good to sweat in this frozen tundra.

My airplace snack pack - only ate the almonds
At home WOD
Ice on my window. brrrr
Favorite drink and a good read