Thursday, January 3, 2013

Planning to Fail?

Not me. Not this year. Not any more. I am planning to rock - not just this year - I am going to rock for now on. Look out, here I come!

Planning - I LOVE to plan. I do often focus on planning for others though and forget to plan for myself. I'm learning that if I don't first plan for me, then the planning I do for others just falls apart or is 100 times more difficult.

Meals. Planning meals can be tough. At night I'm tired, in the morning I don't have time. Solution? Plan a weeks worth of meals Sunday night. I bought a set of sectioned tupperware so I can make it happen. No more crappy pieced together lunches - it's Power Lunch Time!

I used to pack lunch in a tiny little tote. I didn't plan, I didn't pack much, I sometimes didn't pack anything. My days of running to Chipotle or Trader Joe's are over. I now bring a duffel bag with the amount of snacks and food I bring to school. Guess what? Not hungry or dragging at 1:00 like I used to.

this tiny tote holds just about nothing

I have just about every color plus a few special ones

 I also have a 24 oz water bottle with me at all times. I have found tons of lunch ideas from Pinterest, PaleOMG, etc.... If you have any good sites or cookbooks feel free to pass them on.

Workouts. Those need to be planned the most. Getting to The Box (I'm so Crossfit :) ) requires babysitters, timing, energy, dinner prepped.....Whew! It's amazing that I ever get out the door. Thankfully my husband is very supportive, my in laws help alot, and we have three babysitters on our street! Makes it so much easier.

Now, to stay motivated and keep on track with nutrition and WODS Sam and I will be doing our first ever Paleo Challenge beginning January 6th. We are going in that day to get our BMI (ugh), measurements (barf), pictures (double barf) and rules. It's a 60 day challenge and I WILL ROCK IT.

You can follow my Paleo journey here - and comments and suggestions are always welcome!