Saturday, January 5, 2013

Final Countdown

Tomorrow begins my first ever 60 day Paleo Challenge. I'm pretty stoked and a little nervous. Sam and I are  doing this together, which helps - but his will power is MUCH better than mine. I've been slowly getting Paleo over the last two weeks. I've cut out bread, pasta, rice and Thursday I stopped putting sugar in my coffee. That's right. My adult milkshake is getting healthier. I have a feeling I might be coffee free in a day or two - I really only drink if for the sugary sweetness (see my problem?).

I'm experimenting with recipes and things I can do that are cheaper (almond butter and coconut butter are $$) and seeing what I like and what I can live without. This week we've had red cabbage, kale, collards, and spinach. I liked them all - maybe green is my favorite color for a reason?

This week went pretty great with healthy eating. I didn't kill anyone - so there's that. My energy level is pretty good and my cough FINALLY went away. I did pull a muscle in my lower back, which I'm nursing today. Man, who knew you used your lower back for EVERYTHING? 

Tomorrow begins the Paleo Challenge. We are going to the gym to get measurements, BMI, and weight. I'm not happy about any of those things, but I'm going to focus on changing them. I don't care about the weight as much as I do the BMI and measurements. My weight hasn't changed much in 4 weeks of Crossfit, but my clothes are fitting better and I feel less jiggly. 

homemade almond butter. Pretty yummy
homemade coconut butter
two snacks for the work day

left overs from dinner for lunch
Coconut drilling