Friday, January 18, 2013

Plans to travel and keep it clean...eek!

My Grandmother passed away last night in Minnesota. She was very old and had been downhill for a while. It was expected, although still sad. My mom is flying me up on Monday (tickets are stupid expensive!) and I'll come home Thursday. I'm excited to see family, kinda excited to see some real snow, not excited to pack.

Oh, and eat. That will probably happen while I'm there. I'll be away from my comfort zone for the first time since being on the Paleo Challenge. I'm almost to day 15 without any cheat days (day one was a slight cheat for Sammy's bday dinner). I know I can eat clean anywhere. I just have to own it. The worst is when peer pressure pushes you over the edge and you cave - 5 bags of chips and a bottle of wine later I'm rocking in the corner feeling sorry for myself.

Thankfully because of Facebook and my blog, most of my family knows I'm eating clean, I'm doing a challenge, or I'm just plain crazy. That will help. No cheesy comfort food for me....that will be tough in Minnesota. Have you ever had cheese curds? I have. They are what dreams are made of. A Juicy Lucy? That cheese filled burger is uh-mazing. I can resist though. I can eat meat, veggies, limited fruit, and tons of water. I always forget to drink enough when I travel....must remember that one. I've already decided I can do a at home WOD on Monday before I leave. I will be prepared to do a few WODs while I'm up there too. What else can you do in Minnesota in the winter time?

I need celebrity gossip when I fly. That's a hard and true fact. I will bring my kindle, but that's just for show. Gossip is what I need. Any ideas for clean snacks that I can bring in my carry on bag? I do not want to undo two weeks of great work and detoxing in three days. If anyone can fall off the food wagon, it's me. I do not want to have to prove it to you.......let's just say my normal travel companions (swedish fish and reese's pieces) are not invited.