Monday, January 21, 2013

Day 16 and made it to my first reward!

I did it! My first reward for staying on the Paleo Challenge. So far I'm down 7 pounds! Reward? I went thrifting - which is my favorite. I scored a blue puffer vest, a peach sweater, and a ombre-ish cardigan. Pretty excited!

Sam and I also made it through three family/friend gatherings without cheating. Well, I did split a wheat thin with him to taste the tabasco flavor - lame, I know. I've learned not to care though. We went to a friends house with a bunch of people for dinner and hanging out. They ordered pizza, we stopped at Red Robin on the way and ordered a burger with an egg, guac, and bacon wrapped in lettuce. We ate it in the car - I'm pretty sure they make tv movies about that. But, we got to the party feeling full and not tempted by cheese and crackers, beer, wine, and pizza. We did have some wings - they were baked and delish!

The next gathering was at my in-laws. My mother in law asked all the right questions and made sure there were things for us to eat. So sweet. Sam made ribs - first time without sugar in the rub. My mother in law made coleslaw with just lime juice and salt and roasted veggies. She had mac n cheese for others, but we had lots of choices so it wasn't even tempting. Sam also made a Paleo BBQ sauce - I LOVED it. We went to Moms organice market and picked up some Caveman BBQ sauce - but it just wasn't as good as Sam's.
The final test? We had two friends over for left overs - ribs, slaw, veggies. They are both fairly Paleo so the dinner party wasn't tough.I'm not going to lie - I cannot WAIT for a glass of wine, a beer, some champagne! When this challenge is over they will taste SO good.

So we've made it 16 days without sugar (just from a few fruits here and there). I have discovered some Lara bars are Paleo - I am dying to try all their Paleo flavors (chocolate coconut chew - I can't ever find you!) I'm in love with the cherry pie, banana bread, apple pie, and carrot cake - but I'm not doing fruit much at all because I have a good amount of fat to loose. My kids like them, which is great because there is no addee sugar and no weird chemicals.

 you will be mine

I'm headed to Minnesota today for my Grandma's funeral. My plan is to stay on plan. It's not too hard now, I'm past the worst part - I hope. I am planning on doing traveling WODs while I'm there so I don't feel too gross from traveling and sitting around so much.

Flank steak with Brocolini
Pork loin with avocado and salsa verde
My new puffer jacket
Not too shabby