Sunday, January 13, 2013

Learning something new everyday

1. Eating clean = eating at home = running the dishwasher EVERY night

2. I'm down 5 pounds in one week (Hell Yeah!)

3. I did 5 WODs this week and can still walk

4. I cannot stay up past 9pm (falling asleep on the couch is what all the cool people do)

5. Day 4 I almost killed my whole family - if looks could kill.......

6. Day 8 and I am super mom on speed - so much energy!

7. My kids actively watch what I eat and are saying things like "Paleo", "clean", "healthy"

8. I do not NEED sugar, swedish fish, peanut butter, flavored coffee creamer, or bites of my kids food

9. I can make it through a birthday party - decorating cupcakes with ridiculous toppings - and not even sneak a taste.

10. If I'm hungry I eat (clean), if I'm not hungry then I don't eat (duh)

The BEST part? Sam's cooking. He has really stepped it up this week cooking clean clean clean. Jealous? Oh, and he's down 8.8 pounds this week. Stupid boys and their ability to drop weight. grrrrrr

Pan seared Tilapia with cucumber cilantro lime salsa
Filet with Purple cabbage
Horseradish flank steak with cucumber salad
Italian sausage (label carefully read) stuffed peppers
Paleo Pizza (crust is eggs)
Post workout drink