Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Clean Ice Cream

That's right. Clean. I got the recipe from somewhere - can't find the original anywhere! I hate that! But, this guy (Paleo Drummer) has the basic recipe that I used.

I used coconut milk (whole fat), frozen blueberries (NOTHING added), shredded UN sweetened coconut (I think I will leave this out next time), and some lime juice.

It was SO good! It really hit the spot and if you are feeling like you NEED something cold and slightly sweet then this is perfect. I used a glass dish, poured in the coconut milk, sprinkled in some blueberries and shredded coconut, and squirted in some lime juice. The recipe called for sea salt on top - but I didn't have that. This all went into the freezer and I stirred it up every 30 minutes until it was the consistency I wanted.

I really liked it - the shredded coconut gave it a gritty consistency, which was ok, but I think I'll leave that out next time. The blueberries were yummy and I think next time I'll use mangos. I do love a mango. I will not be eating this everyday - it's a sometimes treat. I'm trying to cut fat on this Paleo Challenge which means really limiting my fruit intake and being smart when I do it. The best time? After a tough workout. Your body needs some sugar replacement and your muscles can efficiently use it. That's me "efficient" and getting shit done!

The boys actually fighting over tastes
Put in a freezer friendly bowl for snacking later
Two thumbs up approval
Getting shit done for the week