Monday, January 7, 2013

Pale Challenge Day 2: I'm still alive!

We made it through day 1! Yesterday we went to the Box (hehehehe) and got our measurements, weight, pictures, blood pressure, and fat info - he used a sonograph thingee (technical term) to measure how much fat we actually have on different parts of our body. The results were sad, the graphs were cool, and all the numbers WILL go down.

Now, there is NOTHING like standing in a gym in spandex and a sports bra in the winter time. Brrrr. I had to keep telling myself this is for a good cause - the BEST cause. It's ok that I'm "chubby" now because I'm doing something about it.

The Paleo Challenge rules? Glad you asked:
1. One point each day for doing a WOD or at home workout
2. One point for drinking one gallon of Paleo Fluids (black coffee, water, water, water, water)
3. One point for eating Paleo - put that bite of cake down!

Yesterdays points = 1 for fluid. I did not workout as my back is almost fully recovered. I did not eat Paleo because we went out to eat for Sammy's 6th birthday. We went out for Chinese food - kinda fancy Chinese food. In the past I would have layered my plateS with rice, meat, rice, meat.....tastes so good. Not yesterday. I knew eating there would not count as Paleo (how much sugar is in those sauces????) but I wanted to make better choices. I did not eat ANY rice (easier than I thought). I ate a few JUMBO shrimp and my favorite dish EVER - Seschuan Beef Proper. Tastes like candy. I know it's terrible for me, but whatever. I had a great time, left feeling full and proud.

For dinner last night we had salad and flank steak. Yum! I have it for left overs for lunch today. Snacks are veggies, pepperoni, and guac. My new adventure? Coffee. Gotta figure out how to have some, enjoy it, and make it Paleo. Today I added coconut milk to it. It did not add sweetness, but I did like the creamy texture. Not as yummy as my previous coffee milkshake - but it will work!

Temptations were EVERYWHERE yesterday. Between eating out and the football game I made the choice to walk away from rice, alcohol, chips, cheese dip.......I think I won the battle of Day 1. So far Day 2 has been kind.
Flank steak and mushrooms
Our tracking sheet for the challenge
My new coffee adventure