Thursday, January 24, 2013

Day 19, you betcha!

I made it! no cheat days! Today is my last day in the frozen tu.dra of Minnesota. Day 1 was -11 degress. I don't care who you are, that's cold. I walked outside and my nose hairs froze. It was rough and cold and freezing

I made a few grocery trips to get meat, veggies, seltzer water, etc. I stayed away from all the temptations. There was candy, chips and dip, beer, wine, candy, and more candy. I didn't cheat once. I was frustrated at first, being the only one really watching what I eat....but everyone was very supportive and no one was weird or judgey- gotta love family!

I went to super Target and got a present for the boys, a Vickings jersey for my sisters baby, and a bathing suit. yep, a bathing suit. It was $5! Bright green with white Polk dots. Cute!!!!

My Grandmas funeral was beautiful. The sun was shining, lots of people showed up, and everyone got through their readings. We sat around after and talked about our favorite Grandma memories, that was my favorite part.

Last night we ordered Greek food. Lots if gyros. I ate the meat, lettuce, onions, and tomatoes. No sauce, no pita. It was delicious. I got double meat cause my sister didn't like it. Score!!

Skinny jeans weren't enough? Now there's toothpick?
grandma's funeral
making clean meals all by myself